Photographer Mikhail Paramonov. 

     The recognized master of an erotic style. The member of several awards in the field of a modern photo.  

     Was born in 1975 in the city of St.-Petersburg, Russia. For a first time took camera in hands in age of 14 and since then not leaves it. 

     Studied at faculty of Arts in Theatric Academy, Saint Petersburg. 

     Since 2002 actively cooperate with leading editions of an erotic style.                

                                                   Mammoth Book   Erotic photography


 “Mikhail Paramonov has a knack for finding gorgeous models and letting their natural fun and beauty come out.” 


                                                               Eolake Stobblehouse  DOMAI 


        This review is from: Sweet Shaven Angels book
Sweet Shaven Angels is one of those rare publications that really stands out from the rest of its kind. It's more than a collection of glamour nudes with its subjects shaved smooth as its title might imply. It's artistic testimony to the electrifying sensuality of the exotic, female form. 

Yes, Russian photographer Mikhail Paramonov populates his work here with youthful, angelic-looking girls, and yes, their legs, labias, armpits, etc, are indeed shaved smooth. But Sweet Shaven Angels trenscends its genre (and becomes one of the must-have books to purchase this year) for three main reasons: First, Paramonov's female subjects here are an extraordinary selection of breathtakingly beautiful, exotic-looking, fresh faced, youthful, all-natural and non-tattooed young women. The qualities of 'sweet' and 'angelic' appear to be extremely accurate. Second, Paramonov's photography is outstanding. His compositions, vibrant color, and svelte tonal qualities are simply astounding. The landscape format of the book itself is quite unique too and serves to empower the images showcased within. Finally, Paramonov manages to intertwine his subjects' appealingly sweet, angelic demeanor with a powerful element of eroticism without venturing into explicit sexuality. Viewers are made privy to every inch of his subjects silky, naked forms but it's their creamy smooth genitalia that command attention in many of the compositions. And Paramonov does so in such a way as to not appear overly obvious or impudent. So, although this work in not definitively sexual, it is unabashedly sensual.
                                                                                                                                                                             M I C H E L L E 7 
Dai prati verdeggianti o fioriti, alla coltre di neve candida, alla spiaggia isolata, alle rive di un corso d’acqua, all’interno di casa. Ambienti dove posano ragazze che si presentano con connotati di omogenea bellezza. Completamente rasate (come il titolo svela senza equivoci) e con elementi di candore, di angelica esibizione, di sognante giovinezza. Presenze dai colori morbidi in un volume dove si respira uno “stile” in fatto di estetica: per la scelta delle fanciulle prima di tutto, fino alle pose che mostrano una certa naïveté ma non lesinano all’esplicito. In una sorta di “ritorno alla natura” che è anche un ritorno a quella che è forse la naturale funzione della fotografia di eros: la raccolta di immagini tra esibizionismo e voyeurismo. Vengono in mente i fotografi degli anni Settanta, certi lavori di Jacques Bourboulon, Dominik Alterio o Chris Nikolson. Ma con tutto il gusto degli anni Duemila, quello che traspare in molti siti Internet.
                                                                                                                                                                                  [nu] magazine